We strive to be more than eggcellent 🥚

We come from groups of the best map makers out there. Everyone at NovaEGG has had years of experience creating content that millions of players have played on.

We have worked with big brands, businesses, YouTubers, and servers to bring their ideas into the world of Minecraft. With our combined 20+ years of making content for Minecraft we want to expand and bring new experiences to an even broader audience and do so freely.

Our mission is to make fun, amazing, and creative content. We won't stop until we believe we've done the best we possibly can.

Many have goals, but ours are as simple as the chicken and the egg.

• Create a brand that is fun, memorable, and that players can trust in. Players should be looking forward to our content! •

• Create content that players will enjoy for years to come. •

• Use our extensive knowledge in game design to create high quality content for the Minecraft marketplace. •

• Combine our skills in building, modeling, texturing, and developing to create new and exciting experiences for players. •

Transform your world with this colorful and mystical resource pack.

It's time to imagine, explore, and embark on your own fantasy.

We've cracked a few eggs or two.

Take a look at a few of our creations. From breakfast to dinner.

We're looking for farmers!

No chickens yet

We don't have any job openings at this time. :(

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